Calculating the pixels of your image

Calculating the pixels of your image

We don't want to get too technical here because, let's face it, not all of us are budding photographers but let’s use some real-life examples and calculations!  If you want to calculate your smartphone's maximum high-res print size, divide your image's horizontal and vertical pixels by 300.

  • A megapixel is 1 million pixels.
  • A typical 12 megapixel camera (The camera in an I phone 6S) produces images that are 4032px by 3024px (see Smartphone guide)
  • If you multiply 4032 by 3024, you get 7,990,272 or approx. 8 million pixels.
  • To find the largest photo quality image you can print, simply divide each dimension by 300:

4032 / 300 = 13.44 inches
3024 / 300 = 10.08 inches

 You get 13.44 inches (34.13cm) wide by 10.08 inches (25.60cm), which is almost the size of an A4 and is a very decent larger size! 


Note: The calculations are based on inches, as this is the standard measurement conversion for pixels and guides. If you want to convert this into the metric measurement, multiply it by 2.54 to give you the cm size.

 For example 13.44 inches ÷ 2.54 = 34.13cm