Cropping and Image Quality

Cropping and Image Quality

What if you only want a specific part of your image printed?

When you crop a photo, you reduce the number pixels as you cut off certain areas of your image, reducing the overall size of the photo (essentially blowing up your image).

Cropping photos is a great tool to discard of unwanted areas in your image however it is important to keep in mind that when you crop an image this can have an effect on the quality of the image as cropping involves cutting away part of the original image resulting in some of the pixels being discarded.  When this image is then blown back up to fill your Popic Poster the image can appear more pixelated and therefore blurry. 

Our system will let you crop your photos, so let's go through how this will affect your high resolution photo.

Let’s take our image from our iPhone 6s (4032 px by 3024px) and crop a portion of it to 2000px x 1500px.

 Now let's use this cropped image in our Popic poster.

When uploaded to a medium-sized photo on our Popic posters, our system will blow it up to around 50% of its cropped pixel size. 

When uploaded to a larger-sized photo on our Popic posters, our system will blow it up to around 125% of its original pixel size. 

Here they all are together so we can compare.


You will see that you now must work to the crop sized measurements when an image is cropped and complete the pixel calculations accordingly. 


Popic recommend only cropping your photos if absolutely necessary.